It’s not all Summits and Peaks

Living on an island, probably as far from a UK mountain as you can get, can be problematic when everyday you’re dreaming of high and wild places. Our highest point, St Boniface Down is a mere 241 metres. OK it’s probably more mountainous than Norfolk but you still need a ferry trip and a drive of 3 hours to get to real hills (Dartmoor or the Brecon Beacons).

In the summer we can fill our days with trips to the beach and various activities that involve getting wet but through the winter that’s not really an option so we usually head for the woods. It’s funny really, the kids have climbed mountains and walked in the wilds for whole days and never once complained. This all changes when it’s a quick trot around a local wood. There’s seems to be an inverse correlation between the length of walk and the amount of whining. So we break it up a bit for them. We’ll generally go orienteering or geocaching or den building to give the walk a purpose but the one phrase that gets them enthusiastic about the woods is:

Shall we find some tree’s to climb?

So here’s a few pictures from our last jaunt up to Firestone Copse. Tree climbing is good there because there’s some tree’s that have grown out and over the tidal creek. As parents we can relax because we know that in the event of a fall they’ll either be wet or muddy but at least it’ll be a soft landing.

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