The Minffordd Path – Cadair Idris

It feels like an age ago but in November 2015 we headed up Cadair Idris. There is a longer story but here it is in pictures.


  1. wow.. beautiful country! so, my wife’s first question is… what about snakes? out here in Colorado, there are plenty of rattlers, but not at this time of the year, and , from what we understand, they are not typically found at this elevation ( 7200 feet) But we would certainly run into them further down the canyon… jt

    1. Hey jt you can tell your wife that we only have grass snakes which are non venomous and adders which are venomous but I’ve only ever seen one when I worked as a ranger for lots of years

      1. wow.. sounds wonderful… now.. to find a temporary workamper job in the area.. one of my dreams is to do a transatlantic crossing on the QM2… 🙂

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