On the Edge.

We recently managed to squeeze in an afternoon at Stanage Edge. With arrangements made for family visits in Yorkshire over the weekend we headed up on a thursday morning, catching a 6.30 am ferry, and arrived in the rather splendid Hope Valley just after lunchtime. We found a lovely little campsite for the night just down the hill from Stanage Edge. It took us 10 minutes to pitch up, and make our way along the little track and it wasn’t long before the edge came into view.

We spent the afternoon clambering and scrambling up and down the rocks. The kids had their first real go at bouldering (video to follow) and they got a little too confident at times. We had a little hike along the edge before the kids wanted to go back and play on the rocks. It was a proper little adventure sports playground and we were really impressed.

In one afternoon we hiked, did a little trail running and some inelegent parkour, scrambled and bouldered. We finished the evening with a bread and cheese picnic, watching the sun go down along the Hope Valley before heading back to the tent and star gazing through the open doors (We rarely zip up in the summer). The only problem was a lack of time as we had plans to meet family the following day (which turned out to be great) but I think we’ve found a new destination to explore properly next time. With some crash mats!

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