Appearance: The Adventure Sports Podcast

This summer we chatted to Curt Linville on the Adventure Sports Podcast about our West Highland Way hike. You can listen to our chat here or on your podcast app. It was a great experience and Curt really did a good job interviewing us, especially the kids just before bedtime.

It’s a great podcast with episodes twice a week and subjects range from hiking and backpacking to bike-packing and kite surfing and with over 300 episodes you’ll definitely find something of interest. Personally I’d recommend episodes 176 and 177 – All things backpacking with Curt Linville, episode 61 – Junaid Dawud and the Colorado 14ers and episode 255 – Robert Shearon’s 4600 mile scooter trip to Alaska.

While we’re on the subject, any podcast recommendations from you guys will be appreciated.



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