We’ve recently picked up some new bits of kit which should open up some new adventure opportunities or make things a bit easier to manage.

DD Hammocks.

Photo from www.ddhammocks.com

At Christmas we bought a DD Hammocks “Scout” Hammock for the kids and when my parents asked what I would like for a Christmas present I naturally asked for a hammock all of my own so I got a DD “Camping Hammock”. It didn’t seem likely that we’d ever find a suitable spot to hang a full family of hammocks so we’ll use these when I take the kids out individually over the summer. To be honest, I’ve not unpacked them fully yet but Lil and I are planning a cheeky wildcamp in the woods over half term so we’ll give them a proper run out then. If any one has any hints, tips or advice for a first time “hammocker??” let me know.

Alpkit “Numo” Sleeping Mat.

Photo from www.alpkit.com


I’ve often pondered the benefits of a really good sleeping mat, mainly because I’ve not had the money for a really good sleeping mat. We have, in the past, used various combinations of foam “roll mats” and “self inflating” mats. The foam ones are nice and light but don’t offer a huge amount of insulation and the self inflating ones are bulky and heavier but its the bulk that causes issues for us when we generally hike as a family of five.

Anyway I finally bit the bullet and went for the Alpkit “Numo” mat which was as much as I could justify spending and appeared to save considerably on both weight and size when compared to the self inflating mats we already had. I was really impressed when it arrived last week as its only about a quarter of the size of the old ones and really light. And there was a hand written note enclosed thanking me for my order which I liked! Again I’ll give it a proper run out when we next go out but I’m really excited to sleep on it, and Mrs Jones has decided she wants one after lying on it on the living room floor!

Hope to post some full reviews of these bits next week which will be great as it will mean I’d have gotten out at the weekend – its only a month till the longest day and its all downhill from there!