A few of my favourite things across the web this week, mainly hiking and adventure related but no promises.

First off, I’ve been really enjoying following Chris Townsend’s adventure, hiking the GR5 in the Alps. I’ve always enjoyed his writing, whether thats in The Great Outdoors magazine, his own website or his books. Rattlesnakes and Bald Eagles is rather exceptional if you ask me.

Xero Shoes posted this customer review of my current trail shoe of choice and, to be honest, it pretty much sums up my thoughts about these shoes.

Tim Moss has opened up his Next Challenge Grant for adventures next year. We were really pleased to be shortlisted last year for our  Glyndwrs Way Adventure and Tim was great through the whole process. Either apply or donate. It’s a great thing that this guy does for budding expeditionists (if that is a real word!)

The BBC had climbing on the telly the other weekend so we had a great time watching the World Championships on the Iplayer, and it’s still available for 2 more weeks so if you’re into that sort of thing there’s hours and hours of it over there.


Hiking also made the BBC news site yesterday (Thursday) and for once it wasn’t about ill prepared people getting stuck on mountain. A new trail to be added to the “one day” list.


Give me a shout if you’ve found anything worth looking at during the week.