Lil and Dad’s Birthday Hike

After I wrote about Chasing Shadows for Lil’s Birthday, she decided she wanted to tell the story from her point of view so here it is. From the end of this sentence, all words are hers.

Lils Birthday - 03We started after school on friday and drove to Freshwater. Our shadows stood out on the chalk.

We walked through the golf course to a gate, we carried onto the downs. When we got to where we were going to camp, we couldn’t camp and sleep in hammocks because of the forestry work.


We went searching for a campsite but we couldn’t find one. In the end we camped on the downs and had tea. We got out our rice pudding. IT WAS DISGUSTING!!!  We slept in the tarp. No hammocks 😦

In the morning we walked to the top of the cliff and had breakfast. We saw horses galloping! We went across the beach on a footprint hunt, we found five of them, maybe more. We went back on top of the cliff. We then hiked to the car which was parked at Freshwater.


By Lil Jones. 🙂




  1. Excellent report of your birthday hike with Dad Lil. The way you write shows how much you enjoyed it, despite the disappointment of finding your trees cut down and the rice pudding being disgusting. Happy Birthday and well done! 😃

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