It’s half term next week, so with the kids “available” all week we’re heading out on another hiking trip which this time we’re calling “70 Miles, 3 Kids and a Tent; An Isle of Wight Adventure” as we put one foot in front of the other and walk around this little island we call home.

Naturally, the end of October is not the ideal time to be camping in the UK but we shall persevere. We have the benefit of local knowledge which will be truly helpful for wild camping spots, resupply points and most importantly, chip shops!

We’ll be posting updates from the trail on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, use the links above to find them or just search for @justupthetrail in your current social media provider of choice, so if you would like to follow us on this adventure please do. Sometimes a little motivation from strangers gets the kids moving better than me shouting at them! Funny that.

So please wish us luck, we look forward to sharing our latest adventure with you next week.

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