Snowdon 2015

As it’s nearly 3 years since our first adventure on Snowdon, and we’re currently away from the internet out on the trail, I thought I’d repost the first post on Just Up The Trail. It feels like so much longer than 3 years but that’s probably because we’ve packed in so much in that time. I still feel there’s a lot of wasted time what with work and school and life which would be much better spent on the trail somewhere but hey, I suppose that’s what makes our adventures so special. Time spent, just us 5, all together with no distractions, somewhere beautiful, Just up the Trail.

Just Up The Trail

They’re just part of the Adventure, right?

The guy in the car park looked at us like we were mad and to be fair to him there was a little bit of crazy that had brought us to this point.  The clocks had changed over the previous weekend so wanting to make the most of the now limited daylight hours we had arrived at an empty Pen y pass car park at first light on a chill but sunny late October morning. Up the PYG and down the Miners, a well trod route offering enough interest without being too taxing. Probably four hours up and three down all being well.  Just as I tightened my backpack straps and prepared to set off I was reminded of the “crazy” element of our little band of summit seekers.

“Dad, Mum said can you do my laces?”

Was it crazy to bring the…

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