Podcast: Hike or Die.

It was this or the drone of the mower engine.
And wasn’t I pleasantly surprised.

You know those days that happen every so often, you’ve got a long day at work, mowing lawns and you’ve caught up on all your favourite listening material. That happened to me a little while ago, after sticking “Hiking” into the search of the Podcasts App and scrolling past those I’ve heard and those I’ve tried,  I stumbled upon this “little ripper”.

HIKE_OR_DIE_OUTDOOR_ADVENTURE_PODCAST_LOGOPressing play on Episode 1 (there were only 4 at the time) my heart sank a little as the loud guitar riff kicked in and I started to wonder what I let myself in for. As the hosts voices came into my earbuds I realised they were Australian and by putting the opening riff and the accents together I decided that I couldn’t be bothered with listening to a pair of typical Aussie Blokes, probably brash and sweary and anyway what does Australian hiking got to do with me anyway. I listened to something else for a while but the autoplay function put this on while I was mowing a massive lawn so it was this or the drone of the mower engine.

But wasn’t I surprised.

First off, Tom and Craig (our hosts) are both well AND softly spoken and have a real passion for getting out there which comes across during the podcast, and during that first episode I found myself giggling as they recounted the story of their first hike and how they awoke to a massive bush fire and try and save themselves and their new gear.

On later episodes they discuss topics such as photography, Leave No Trace and Trail Safety, all the while dropping little nuggets of wisdom or more than valid opinions, but it’s their reminiscence of their times on the trail that prove to be the real soul of the show. Mind you, even hearing them talk about the stats from their Youtube channel is pretty entertaining.

My own highlight is Episode 3 where they record the episode from the comfort of their rainforest camping spot. The lost coffee sachet is the real star of this particular episode but I won’t reveal its location here because, Spoilers.

I would take this opportunity to apologise for my initial impression of this great little show and I’m really glad I gave it another chance. New episodes appear in my feed every month or so but not on any set date so it’s always a nice surprise when a new one appears in my feed. I would add a little warning; Don’t listen when driving late at night, the soporific tones could lead to an accident, but as it’s tipping it down and the kids are at school and I’m at home, I’m off to listen to Episode 9, Hammocks Vs Tents.

If anyone else listens to this or does so as a result of this post, let me know in the comments below as well as any other Outdoors Podcasts you know of. I’m always in the market for more armchair hiking resources.

Published by Robert Jones

I'm a "Hiker Dad" passionate about giving my kids the opportunities to embrace the outdoors through hiking, climbing, paddling and anything else adventurous. Follow our adventures on social media - @justupthetrail

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