Review: OrganiCup

*I bought this product with my own money

A few years ago, in a previous life (before the kids came along), at an outdoors expo/trade show type event, I was approached by a rather enthusiastic man selling menstrual cups. I had never thought of using one before, and to be honest I hadn’t since. The gentleman in question went into almost graphic detail about its use, including a demonstration involving a the pouring of a red liquid which I hoped was Ribena, and as you can imagine, put me off entirely.

Recently our family have made a commitment to reduce our impact on the world. We practice “Leave No Trace” on the trail so why not at home. So after researching plastic free alternatives and zero waste practices I was reacquainted with the menstrual cup and thought now would be a good time to give them a try.
After the initial shock at the size of of it (I’m a size B after 3 children), I found it quite liberating. My period was no longer a pain. Changing it twice a day was no hassle and you don’t notice it’s there. But how would it fair on the trail?

I used it on the Isle of Wight Coastal Path,  with good access to toilets with a sink so cleaning it was no trouble. On a more remote hike I would probably take some wipes, as the ease of this would outweigh the small amount of plastic. I would definitely recommend this as a zero waste and minimal hassle alternative to traditional sanitary products.

Have a look at it on Amazon


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