Project Zero

Our continuing mission: To hike as far as we can without relying on single use plastics. To save the world, one cereal bar at a time.

We go for a hike which lasts 5 days, there’s 5 of us. On an average day we consume:
5 packet of instant porridge
5 packet of instant noodles
10 cereal/chocolate bars
1 pack of Tortilla Wraps
1 pack of Tuna

To be honest that’s probably a minimum but that’s over 100 bits of wrappers and rubbish over the duration of the hike. That’s just not good enough so we’re going to change that. And you can help by leaving your advice, ideas and tips in comments below.

Here’s all the posts about our Zero Waste Hiking mission, in one place.

Published by Robert Jones

I'm a "Hiker Dad" passionate about giving my kids the opportunities to embrace the outdoors through hiking, climbing, paddling and anything else adventurous. Follow our adventures on social media - @justupthetrail

3 thoughts on “Project Zero

  1. It is definitely a challenge when hiking for multiple days. Car camping is way easier to make plastic free. I am always leaving oat sachets on the shelfes and bring paper packaged or bulk oats. I also make my own cereal bars and would bring pasta or quick cooking lentils etc from bulk or in carton and make small individual packages in reusable bags.


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