It’s that time of year, the days are short and the nights and are long but the kids still get up late for school and at 5 on a weekend. We tend not to travel to far during the GMT Months but if we’re visiting family then we’ll try and get into the hills.
Over Winter we focus our feet on local trails and occasionally we’ll make up our own. Like this low to high route (L2H if you will) or Sea to Summit Adventure. We’re busy with non-trail related kids stuff this weekend but hopefully we’ll squeeze in a little walk, perhaps Freshwater Bay to Yarmouth, which at around 4 miles could just be the shortest coast to coast in the UK. Unless you can tell me otherwise, we’re claiming it!

Just Up The Trail

On Saturday morning, an hour or so later than planned we left Shanklin sea front on our latest adventure. To climb to the top of the Isle of Wight. An alternative route would have started in Ventnor and involved a steeper climb, mainly through town and a much shorter distance, but to go from Shanklin seemed a better option.


We follow the coastal path, which circumnavigates to whole of the Island, (a 76 mile route we hope to do at half term) along the esplanade with its crazy golf, fast food cafes and amusement arcades to the steps which take up the cliffs and through the edges of town. For most of this stretch you can’t see the ocean, the view blocked out by large ugly buildings that could be hotels or retirement homes, its hard to tell which at times. The walking becomes better as you leave Shanklin and…

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