We’ve been chatting away about going to London before Christmas. Hazel wants to take the kiddies to see the lights. I want to take the kids on an Urban Hike and do all the Thames bridges in a couple of days. There may be a compromise but we’ll see.
As it’s a wet sunday I thought I’d repost this little piece about Urban Hiking in Goole of all places. It was only a few hours but it’s still one of favourites.
Where have you found unexpected trails?

For a much more adventurous example of Urban Hiking, check out Liz Thomas’ Urban Hike. 5 1/2 days across LOS ANGELES. I know, that’s pretty cool right?

Just Up The Trail

The term hiking usually conjures up images of rough tracks, high mountains and wilderness. Unfortunately we’re not all lucky enough to have that on our doorstep so shouldn’t we make use of the resources we have just outside our front door. Pavements. We could spend days walking the streets of London or York, New York for that matter, and not see everything on offer. We all know that. But what about the little market towns and former industrial hubs that most of us call home. I’m sure we can find something of interest if we look hard enough.

It’s said that all high streets look the same nowadays and at ground level that’s probably true but look above the facades of the chain stores and express supermarkets and that’s where you see it. It might be a name of long since vanished retailer painted onto the side of the building…

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