Field Dressing a Wound In your Jacket.

For some strange reason the kids can’t seem to wear anything without ultimately destroying it. Just check out Lil’s boots from our last trip. Ok they weren’t brand new when she got them and she did easily put another 100 miles through them so it shouldn’t have been a surprise really.

Just before we headed off on that trail we found a huge tear in the sleeve of her waterproof and not having the time to sew it up, or the money to replace it we went about fixing it with gaffer/duct tape. And it only went and worked!

So when, after the trail, we found some small tears in her insulated jacket, probably from the brambles she just had to run through, we set about fixing that in the same way only this time we photographed the process to share with you.

Pay Attention now, it’s very complicated.

Step 1.
Locate the holes in the jacket and pop any loose stuffing back inside with a finger.

Step 2.
Cut a big enough bit of tape to cover the whole. REMEMBER Measure Twice. Cut Once. If you can’t find scissors use your teeth.


Step 3.
Place the tape on the hole and make sure it’s stuck.


Step 4.
Wear your newly repaired jacket with pride. A taped up jacket not only looks cool but you can do that “lets compare scars” thing like in Lethal Weapon (Only with less kissing!)


Step 5.
Start making pre-taped jackets and sell them on the High Street like those jeans you can buy brand new with holes in them. Once you’ve made enough money you can place that order for a new Patagonia puffy.

In all seriousness though it’s a really important way to help reduce our impact even further. We often use Reduce, Reuse and Recycle but how many of us actually Repair. At the end of the day a bit of tape will help Lil’s jackets get through another winter so surely it’s worth spending those 5 minutes to save both the money for a new coat and the resources needed to make it and get it to the shop.

And she gets to look really cool too!

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