It’s everyones biggest problem isn’t it. So many trails and so little time. For us that time is limited even further by the biggest threat to our adventures. School. You see we can only go on nice long backpacking trips when school is out. So that restricts us a bit.

You see they get 2 weeks as Christmas but that time is taken by Christmassy things and other none trail related annoyances. We try to get out most days for a walk but it’s not a hiking trip. A week in February is just too cold and the weather too unreliable for any serious trips in the UK and by then my work has been limited for a couple of months so there just isn’t enough cash about to get somewhere warmer.

During the 6 week summer break I’m working as much as I can because it’s this period I can save some cash for the following winter. We try to get long weekends away rather than a whole week so I can cram 5 days lawn mowing into 4 and we can get away. That only leaves the 2 week Easter break, a week at the end of May and another at the end of October. This year we were snowed of Glyndwrs Way at Easter but hiked around the Island at October half term.

So as it stands we have 3 options for Easter which all depend on how the winter affects us financially.

Inland Gran Canaria, hiking trail from Artenara to Cruz de TejedaOption 1. The “we have enough money to take the time away from work AND get abroad” option.
We were thinking of somewhere warm and sunny but with plenty of hiking. We would get a cheap, self catering package and use the hotel as a base for exploring somewhere completely new to all of us. Gran Canaria looks like an option. There’s some really cool looking trails AND plenty of climbing.

Camping by Corrour Bothy, Cairngorms, ScotlandOption 2. The “We have more time than money” option.
We thought we could try something different. Rather than hike a long trail over 5, 7 or 10 days what if we just hiked into the mountains with enough food and just found some places to camp and relax and play scrabble and just hang out. We could hike to a lake and camp there for a couple of nights before going to see “what’s over that ridge?”, making a new camp and hanging out there again. It would probably have to be Scotland or Dartmoor for the wildcamping but hey, who minds being in those landscapes with nothing else to do but BE.

Linseed field, South Downs Way 2

Option 3. The “We can just about manage a long weekend and a ferry fare” option.
We’ll probably hike locally, as in over the water but not much further. There’s the 60 odd mile Solent Way which is definitely achievable, as is South Downs Way which at 100 miles would take us 6 days and but would be another National Trail for the kids to kind of tick off.


Of course there’s always the “Win the Lotto Jackpot, fly to the States and do the PCT” option which we’re quietly hoping for. I’ll just need to start playing, and find a way to educate the kids while we hike. Ah well, one can dream!