Let the Children Play!

Happy Hiking Kids

I love being on trail with the children, its a real chance to talk with them and find out what going on in their worlds, and when we are not chatting we like to play games.  No specialist equipment required just a bit of imagination. So here’s 5 of our favourites for you. Remember to share yours in the comments below.  

1.Some of them are old classics like “I spy”, we play the usual way and when they get a little tired of that, we play I spy with my imaginary eye, basically anything goes; pink elephants wearing ballet slippers are a favourite. The more fantastical the better!

2. Shopping bag is another amusing classic it goes along at quite a pace. The first player says “I went to the shops and a bought… a banana” the next person takes a turn and says “I went to the shops and I bought a banana and a jar of pickle” you keep going until someone forgets. This game very quickly gets surreal with black holes and even whole countries being brought home.

3. Another classic is 20 questions as we call it “I’ve got one”. The player chooses someone to be and then everyone has 20ish questions to guess who they are. We usually confine it one universe as it makes it more fun like Harry Potter, Superheroes, or even relatives (Everyone chooses Grampa!)

4. Evan is a boy who very much loves his food (which is surprising because he’s all skin and bones) so he likes any game involving food and one of his favourites was if you could eat any food what would it be? (I think most of us call this “Hiker Hunger”) This evolved into the time travelling food game where if you could travel in time and space what 3 course meal would you choose. Another food game we played on the West Highland Way was who could come up with the most disgusting flavour of ice cream. The winner was “Bogeys and Belly Button Fluff”.

5.Lil’s best trail game is the story game. One of you starts a story and when you stop the next person carrys it on. We have a lot of storys about brave inventive princesses saving knights! Lil could play this game every day

6. I know I said 5 but never mind. Isaac likes the superhero game. If you could have any super power in the world what would it be. And more importantly what is your super hero name?



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