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We believe in the power of the trail to surprise, inspire and rejuvenate. It brings our family closer and provides opportunities for kids to show just how capable, adaptable and resilient they can really be. Test them, they will surprise you!

Mile One
Meet the Family

If your curious about the type of people who hike 100 miles with a tiny tent and 3 kids and still call it a holiday, then you read a little about each of us on our Meet the Family page.
Then drop us a note to say Hi or to tell us about your latest adventure or to tell us you think we’re crazy,  send us an email or use the comments section at the end of the page.  

Mile Two.
Join Our Band of HikerMums, HikerDads and HikerKids

While solo hiking has it’s place, it’s far more fun for us to hike as family and we benefit so much from the support of this little community we’re building. We’d love for you to be a part of it.

Follow our adventures, give us ideas for future expeditions, help us navigate this trail we’re on and inspire us to carry on.

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Trail Magic
The biggest thing you can do for us is join our community and shout about it. Find a post you enjoy, feel free to share it, tweet it or how about this, grab your friends phone or laptop or tablet and bookmark Just Up The Trail for them. They might not ever notice….. or they might be buying hiking boots next week! 

There’s our growing Facebook page for more regular updates on trips and trails and we use Twitter and Instagram for live updates from the trail. Just click the links below.


Mile Three
Find your Trail Legs

Just Up The Trail started in 2017 as a way for us to document our adventures for the kids to look back on when they’ve grown up and found trails of their own. While that remains its core purpose, we’d feel selfish if we kept all the fun to ourselves so we decided to share them with you, our new hiking buddies.

Our first ever trip was up Snowdon in 2015 when the kids were 8, 6 and 4 and since then we haven’t looked back. Multiple trips to the mountainous regions of the UK spurred us on and in 2017 we headed out on our first major backpacking trip. The West Highland Way. Not every thing goes according to plan as we found out in early 2018 but we have finished this hiking season off in a great fashion. 

And while we’d encourage you to get off trail a little and explore the site, it’d be a little rude not to provide a few waymarkers to help you navigate your way Just Up The Trail. So here’s a few posts to get you underway.

Mile Four
Hike your own Hike

One of the biggest benefits of hiking with kids is that we have no choice but to take our time. We hike at the pace of the slowest (which isn’t always the smallest) and we have more than enough time to take it all in and the next day we do it all over again.

So if your here, and you have time, feel free to dig deeply into this little site. You might find something enjoyable, or interesting or maybe even useful and if you do, please let us know through a comment or an email. And don’t forget the Trail Magic.

Published by Robert Jones

I'm a "Hiker Dad" passionate about giving my kids the opportunities to embrace the outdoors through hiking, climbing, paddling and anything else adventurous. Follow our adventures on social media - @justupthetrail

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