Christmas List 2019

Every year there’s a rash of outdoorsy blog posts about the best 10 christmas gifts for people who like to get outdoors. So here’s mine

We all know what it’s like to be wet and cold, we’re hikers, climbers and adventurers, we see weather as part of the challenge but we choose to be out there. So here’s our first and only item.

  1. Help someone get INSIDE for Christmas by donating to Crisis

Crisis provide hot food and a bed, medical and wellbeing checks, CLEAN CLOTHES, counselling and companionship over the christmas period as well as on-going support throughout the year.

We’ve donated all the money made through affiliate links on this site, and while it’s not a lot we have managed to reserve a place in a crisis centre for someone who needs it.

So you could buy a new fleece or jacket. Splash out on a new pair of boots or a backpack. OR you could get someone warm and dry and fed.

Merry Christmas.

Published by Robert Jones

I'm a "Hiker Dad" passionate about giving my kids the opportunities to embrace the outdoors through hiking, climbing, paddling and anything else adventurous. Follow our adventures on social media - @justupthetrail

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