Some Introductions….

Before we officially start next month. I just wanted to introduce myself and this little project I’m putting together. My name is Rob Jones. I’m a hiker, I’m a terrible climber. Sometimes I’m a writer and now it seems I’m a podcaster

I’ve always felt at home outdoors, whether it’s climbing mountains or hiking long trails, or just hanging out in the woods and I’ve always looked for creative ways to tell the stories of those adventures. I’ve documented them with photos, written trail reports, made films but now you instead of solely telling my stories I want to share the stories of others and that’s what they show is about.

It’s a place to sit down with cool people who are doing cool things in cool places. It’s a place where members of this vibrant and inclusive community can come together and share their stories and their adventures and their experiences.

It’s simply “Conversations from Just up the Trail.”

Over the coming weeks. I got some really cool, interesting guests lined up.

There’s the poet who finds inspiration running crazy miles in really beautiful places. There’s the writer and hiker who’s doing all the national trails and given over her platform, a section on her blog to empower other female solo hikers. There’s the teacher who’s taking on the 3 Peaks Challenge to raise awareness of issues in children’s mental health, and my first guest is going to be the person whose writing and whose adventures got me into long distance hiking. Chris Townsend who will join me to chat about his over 40 years of long distance trails and his thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail in 1982.

So this promises to be a really interesting series of conversations with really cool, interesting people doing cool stuff outdoors. I’m really hoping the podcast will provide something really cool to the UK outdoors community, a place to hear and share interesting stories, adventures and experiences, a massive, FREE audio library to teach and inspire the community we all get so much from.

If you’ve got a story you want to share, then you can drop me a line through any of the options below or the contact page

You can also sign up for alerts and updates here , as we approach our big launch in May. So please tell the friend about us, share us on your social media and just generally keep an eye or an ear out for us. The big launch is coming soon. So until then, happy trails.

Welcome to Just Up The Trail Just Up The Trail


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