Running the South West Coast Path with Leah Atherton

In this episode of Just Up The Trail I sit down with trail runner and poet, Leah Atherton.

In 2018, Leah headed out on the South West Coast Path and, carrying all her gear, completed a solo fast-pack of the 630 mile National Trail in 30 days.
She returned to the trail 2 years later, armed with a team of willing volunteers and a desire to complete the trail in the Fastest Known Time. 

During the show we discuss

  • How she got into running trails
  • Training for an endurance event 
  • Running 50+ miles, day after day after day
  • How being on trail impacts or influences her writing process and her poetry. 

Running the South West Coast Path with Leah Atherton Just Up The Trail

Where to find Leah

When not out running trails Leah will be writing poetry.

Her first collection, “A Sky the Colour of Hope” is available from Verse Poetry Press and is wonderful!

You can follow her on Instagram @poet_on_the_run

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