Podcast: An Introduction to wild Camping

So after a few days on a wet but wonderful Dartmoor, I came back with a new concrete vision for the podcast and the website, which has been unloved for far too long.

The plan is to turn both into a resource for the hiking and wild camping community by offering help and guidance, sharing stories and bringing you all the information you might need for a successful trip in the outdoors.

So as an Introduction to Wild camping in the UK, I answer a few common questions that have come up regularly over the years and one question in particular from one of my favourite hiking buddies, my son Evan.

Mentioned in the show:

An Introduction to Wild Camping in the UK – A guide to some of the commonly asked questions around wild camping including legality, picking a spot and basic gear needs.

Trail Angels – Support the show over on our website.

Ask Us Anything – If you want to ask me a question to be answered on the podcast, drop me a line here

And don’t forget to head over to Just Up The Trail for the new and busier website


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