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Why I Want to Run an Ultra Marathon

I think the biggest factor was that feeling of simply moving through a landscape at a pace dictated by me. Not the weight in my pack or how fast the kids were moving or what the trail was like or how much my legs ached. If I wanted to run, I ran.

Project Zero

Our continuing mission: To hike as far as we can without relying on single use plastics. To save the world, one cereal bar at a time. We go for a hike which lasts 5 days, there’s 5 of us. On an average day we consume: 5 packet of instant porridge 5 packet of instant noodlesContinue reading “Project Zero”

Children! Know Your Limits.

So every time we hit the trail, I’ve gone through this process of asking myself these questions and at times they can cause some anxiety, am I doing the right thing? What if we haven’t enough food? or do the kids really want to hike 10 miles today?

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