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Miles and miles with 3 kids and little blue tent.

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Posts that don’t fit neatly into trip reports, gear or other common themes will probably end up here. Enjoy!

Finding Our Way #1 - Many of our National Parks have long distance trails associated with them. The Two Moors Way in Devon passes through both Dartmoor and Exmoor, Snowdonia, the Brecon Beacons and the South Downs all have their eponymous ways while the New Forest has little more of a stretch of the Solent Way skirting around her borders. We hope to change that.
Guest Post on the Isle of Wight Guru - We've wet our feet in another adventure this week. Guest Blogging for http://www.isleofwightguru.co.uk
This was supposed to be about tents - We don't want to have a family backpacking trip and carry 4 tents or go into our separate cocoons every night and miss the hanging out. I know it'll come but I don't want it to happen so soon.
Happy Hiking Kids Let the Children Play! - 5 Games to play with the kids on the trail.
Where Shall We Go Next? - Where Shall We Go Next? A few options for our first trip of next year. If you could go anywhere, where would it be?
Urban Hiking Revisited - Originally posted on Just Up The Trail:
The term hiking usually conjures up images of rough tracks, high mountains and wilderness. Unfortunately we’re not all lucky enough to have that on our doorstep so shouldn’t we make use of the resources we have just outside our front door. Pavements. We could spend days walking the…
Sea to Summit Revisited - Originally posted on Just Up The Trail:
On Saturday morning, an hour or so later than planned we left Shanklin sea front on our latest adventure. To climb to the top of the Isle of Wight. An alternative route would have started in Ventnor and involved a steeper climb, mainly through town and a much…
Children! Know Your Limits. - So every time we hit the trail, I've gone through this process of asking myself these questions and at times they can cause some anxiety, am I doing the right thing? What if we haven't enough food? or do the kids really want to hike 10 miles today?
Round the Island; Not a Trip Report - Last week we hiked around the Isle of Wight, our home. Here's a little highlights package of the hike while I write up a full trip report.
The Next Big Adventure. - It's half term next week, so with the kids "available" all week we're heading out on another hiking trip which this time we're calling "70 Miles, 3 Kids and a Tent; An Isle of Wight Adventure"