The Just Up The Trail Podcast

Just Up The Trail is a place to hear conversations from the outdoors. Its a place to hear from cool people doing cool things in even cooler places, a place where members of this vibrant and inclusive outdoor community share their stories, experiences and adventures.

We’ll hear from trail runners, long distance hikers, paddlers, bikers and climbers. We’ll also hear from the activists, the wardens, the rescuers, those people who work to protect the places in which we seek adventure as we build an library of  building a library of stories, adventures, knowledge and know how both for and from this community.

Coming Up for the 2023 Hiking Season Just Up The Trail

  1. Coming Up for the 2023 Hiking Season
  2. The Family Takeover Show
  3. Stories from the City with Londoner Outdoors

Just Up The Trail

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Recent Shows

Podcast:The Wild World of Day Hiking

I speak about some cool hikes close to me, I suggest a few options for day hikes within shouting distance of London and I speak briefly about the importance of using our local spaces.

Podcast: Massive Packs and Tiny Tents

On this episode of Just Up The Trail I think back to how we got into hiking and backpacking as a family, I talk about some of the gear we used then and I answer another question from our listeners.

Podcast: Hiking with Kids

In today’s Just Up The Trail I answer a question about hiking with our kids. Do they really enjoying or are they just getting dragged into the wild for my hobby.


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