Just Up The Trail

Miles and miles with 3 kids and little blue tent.

Gear, Kit, Stuff and Things

A few thoughts related to the ever expanding topic of kit and gear.

Reviews are of things we have spent our actual real money on instead of feeding the kids properly! If anyone wants to send us something to review, that would be great, the kids might get some fresh fruit before Dad spends all the money on hiking gear!

A Brief Note about Tents. - A few thoughts about what makes a good family tent, not necessarily family sized, but good for us.
A Quick Word about Gear - A Brief note about Gear
A Lightbulb Moment - How getting rid of luxuries opened up a world of adventure.



Review: Alpkit Numo Sleep Mat - Who would have thought a sleep mat could make such a difference? A review of our Numo Inflatable Sleep Mats from Alpkit.
Review: SIGG Water Bottles & Flasks. - 5 reasons we love our SIGG bottles.
Review: Mountain Hardwear Lamina 0 Sleeping Bag. - A few thoughts about my warmest sleeping bag and how it performed in arecent hike around the Isle of Wight
Review: Xero Shoes Terraflex - A review of my current trail shoe of choice - the Terraflex from Xero Shoes
Review: DD 3×3 Tarp - A lightweight alternative to our lovely little blue tent
Review: Kelly Kettle 1.6l “Base Camp” - A brief note about our storm kettle
Review: Coleman Cobra 3. Our Little Blue Tent - A brief note about our current tent of choice.