Christmas List 2019 - Christmas for people who have no choice but to be outside.
Review: SIGG Gemstone - A flask is a tricky thing to review. If you want all the technical specs then try the SIGG website , but at the heart of it a flask either keeps things hot, or it doesn't, so I thought I'd talk about how a flask could help us out on the trail.
What’s in your Pack #2. Mountains - The first post in this series detailed what we carry when in hike in lowland areas and to be honest that list is a good basis for hiking in mountainous areas with 3 kids. However there are a few extra bits we like to carry with us in the mountains. Some are for additional safety, some to make the trail a bit easier
Review: Alpkit Numo Sleep Mat - Who would have thought a sleep mat could make such a difference? A review of our Numo Inflatable Sleep Mats from Alpkit.
Review: Mountain Hardwear Lamina 0 Sleeping Bag. - A few thoughts about my warmest sleeping bag and how it performed in arecent hike around the Isle of Wight
Review: Xero Shoes Terraflex - A review of my current trail shoe of choice - the Terraflex from Xero Shoes
Review: DD 3×3 Tarp - A lightweight alternative to our lovely little blue tent
A Quick Word about Gear - A Brief note about Gear
Review: Kelly Kettle 1.6l “Base Camp” - A brief note about our storm kettle
Review: Coleman Cobra 3. Our Little Blue Tent - A brief note about our current tent of choice.

Published by Robert Jones

I'm a "Hiker Dad" passionate about giving my kids the opportunities to embrace the outdoors through hiking, climbing, paddling and anything else adventurous. Follow our adventures on social media - @justupthetrail

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